Contoh Passive Voice

Passive voice :

  1. They are met by him everyday.
  2. his plant is watered by her every two days
  3. They were met by him yesterday
  4. A song is sung by Jack
  5. A song was sung by Jack yesterday
  6. Some fried chicken was eaten by her.
  7. The floor was swept by felix.
  8. Our conversation was being recorded by rivan.
  9. Some fish were being catched by them.
  10. Class room had been swabt by lucida.

Kalimat tanya :

  1. is Deni helped by azis?
  2. Is cake eaten by her?
  3. Was the homework made by them yesterday?
  4. Were they watched the movies last sunday?
  5. Were you shown the sights?
  6. Were the project worked by them this month?
  7. Is the car driven by him?
  8. Were the concert successed last night?
  9. is Deni sang by azis?
  10. were they finished the papers this month?

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